Yoga practitioner and a teacher  ( Suomeksi teksti alla)

Yoga brought me back to my roots


Most important things in life are simple. We let our minds, our ego, to complicate our flow of life. This ego impact can de reduced. Bruce Lee said to "hack away the unnecessary". 

This is what yoga and meditation does. 

"Before you get angry, count to ten"

 I try to emphasize the importance of breathing in yoga. Through becoming aware of our breathing we can become softer, more loving and very strong in our minds. When we start breathing with more awareness, meditating through the day this way, we become more creative, more patient and less angry.

When we live fast, perform our duties without much awareness, we lose our core, lose our sensitivity. Yoga can help you find your roots again.


Yoga has changed my life. It really has. It brought me back to the core of things. I'm more focused, compassionate, alive and healthy than I was before it. 

In my life I've travelled in Asia for over 5 years studying yoga, massage and meditation. I have been meditating in Nepal, surfing in Sri Lanka and practicing yoga wherever I go: on the beach, on the roof tops, in the little hotel rooms in India. I have stayed in ashrams and meditation centres.  I look for peace. Happiness happens when you practice happiness.=)


I have studied different yoga styles with many wonderful, inspiring teachers. Combining what I've learned and including meditation, pranayama and thai yoga massage according to the student's needs, is always interesting to me. We all have the ability to heal.

At the moment I also practice thai boxing, acrobatics and aquarelle painting. =) I believe you need to let go of certain ideas how you should live your life and just keep living your life! 


For me yoga is, first and foremost a life style. To be able to teach yoga, you need to do yoga so taking the time to do own practice is always a priority for me,  whether it is a 90 min asana practice, a meditation, pranayama or reading books that inspire me on my path.


Yoga is "99% practice and 1% theory" like Sri K. Pattabhi Jois said. 


An article about me written by Anna Tervahartiala:


Be well! Keep practising, 



A little bit about my trainings and yoga teaching experience:

I did a Sivananda-style teacher training (200 hours Yoga Alliance)at Yoga Chakra school in Rishikesh, India and Prana Flow (200hours Yoga Alliance) in Espoo with Andrew McAuley. My third TTC was with Vijay Amar at Universal Yoga: Ashtanga Vinyasa. 

I'm RYT-500. 

I've done loads of workshops and training in Asia and Europe with different teachers from different styles of yoga. 

An unforgettable experience for me was the 10-day intensive Vipassana-course in Nepal and another three days in Sri Lanka, SN Goenka tradition. This is complete silence for 10-days! No talking, writing, listening to music etc. Meditating for eleven hours per day. After that I found Nilambe Meditation Centre in Kandy, where I spent a month in Noble Silence. 

I also do Thai Yoga Massage which is a great way to learn more about the body. I have completed levels up to the CAPT course at the ITM Thai Yoga Massage School. So pretty much everything you can learn over there.  I teach thai yoga massage certificate courses in Helsinki. 

I practice Tai Chi Qi Gong Shibashi which is the most practiced form of Qi Gong in the World.  It's one of the best things in my life. It's a really magical form of movement and breath. You have to practice it to really understand

I have been teaching yoga since 2009. I've taught yoga in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Germany, Morocco, Cambodia, Norway, Latvia, Spain and Finland. 

Tia Sallinen Yoga

photo by: Päivi Romo


Jooga vei minut takaisin juurilleni

Aloitin meditoinnin vuonna 2007. Se oli heti ensi kerrasta alkaen tuttua ja polku, jota halusin seurata. Se tuntui olevan avain eteenpäin. 

Huomasin nopeasti, että en jaksanut istua kauaa, koska selkääni alkoi sattua. Siitä lähti joogamatkani.

Ensimmäinen Sivananda-tunti Rishikeshissä, Intiassa, oli se joogakokemus mikä minut lopullisesti koukutti. Aloin käydä tunneilla kaksi kertaa päivässä joka päivä kuukauden ajan. Kehoni muuttui nopeasti ja tein liikkeitä kuten päälläseisonnan, joita en olisi koskaan kuvitellut tekeväni. Olen koettanut pitää mielessä Sivanandan viisi periaatetta: oikeanlainen ruokavalio (sattvinen), oikeanlainen liikunta (jooga), oikeanlainen hengitys, oikeanlainen lepo ja oikeanlainen ajattelutapa (positiivinen).


Jooga johdatti minut seikkailemaan Aasiassa 3.5 vuoden ajan ja edelleen senkin jälkeen kun tuo pitkä reissu oli ohi niin olen jatkanut Aasiassa joogan, meditaation ja hieronnan opiskelua. 

Jooga on avannut minulle tietoisemman, rauhallisemman ja selkeämmän tavan olla ja elää. Olen siitä ikuisesti kiitollinen.


Hatha 200 - Sivananda Style, Yoga Chakra School, Intia (Yoga Alliancen hyväksymä)

Prana Flow, Yoga Nordic Espoo (Yoga Alliancen hyväksymä)

Ashtanga 300, Universal Yoga, Arambol, Intia (Yoga Alliancen hyväksymä)


CAPT training , International Training Massage School ITM

Työpajoja: David Lutt, Krishnatakis, Pau Castellsague, ..

Photo by: Anttu Koistinen