Yoga classes are for everyone. No need to worry if you are a beginner or you have an injury. Just let me know if you have any problems and we will find a suitable way to practice for you.

I try my best to guide you through an uplifting yet grounding and relaxing asana practice. I always wish that after the class is finished, you will feel like you have rediscovered yourself and had enough time to rest so that your mind is calm. Peaceful mind is a happy mind! 

In my life I try to follow the 5 principles of Sivananda Yoga and then integrate them into my teaching: proper breathing, proper exercise, proper diet, proper relaxation and proper thinking (positive thinking and meditation). When you have these balanced, you are healthier.

I combine different yoga styles and meditation techniques to fit the group, to suit the mood. You will most likely be doing some partner work,  some Qi Gong, various pranayama (breathing) techniques, flowing from one asana to another and probably trying things that you never thought you would! And feeling good! =)

Any questions please just email me:

I wish to share my favorite quotes from great masters and gurus:

"Let any disease remain in your body. Do not bother too much. Do not fret and fume. Develop the powers of endurance and resistance. Strengthen your body, mind and nerves. Take plenty of open-air exercises, substantial nutritious food, medicated oil bath and plenty of rest. Have mental and physical recreation. Lead a well-regulated life. Be moderate in food, drink and enjoyments. Lead a spiritual life. All diseases will leave your body by themselves. All microbes will die, when your vitality, vigour and strength are at a flood tide. This is the secret of health and happiness." Swami Sivananda 

"If you should find yourself with too much love to give, and no one to give it to, then give it to the wind. Give it to the trees and the rain, to the earth and the stars. Spread your love to the mountains and the valleys, the streams and the oceans. Kiss the dreams of the sleeping and the hopes of the hungry, give your smiles to the rich and the homeless.

Should you find yourself with too much love to give, realize that you could never possibly love enough; simply love as much as you can, in every single moment of every single day."

Zachary Crepeau"

"You don't have to do anything very special, you just become aware of breathing in. Breathing in , I know I am breathing in and breathing out, I am know I am breathing out. I enjoy my inbreath, I enjoy my outbreath. And suddenly I find that I am truly alive, truly present, and this everyone can do and it makes a big difference. Our true home is life and life is in the present moment, in the Here and Now. That is the address of true life."

Thich Nhat Hanh
Zen Master

By cultivating genuine gratitude, we are giving back to the giver. Swami Sivananda says “Never, never say: ‘I have helped that man.’ Feel and think: ‘That man gave me an opportunity to serve. This piece of service has helped me to purify my mind. I am extremely grateful to him.”

"All sorrow in this world comes from wanting only myself to be happy. All joy in this world comes from wanting others to be happy." - Shantideva

When there is Mastery, there is No Mystery!